Oliff PLC was founded in 1983. Published reports for many years show that we are consistently among the top five U.S. law firms in obtaining U.S. patents. We average 3,500 granted patents per year. Because of our commitment to providing the highest quality, cost-effective, and prompt IP services, Oliff PLC’s filings continue to grow significantly from year to year.

Oliff PLC is committed to providing the highest quality, most cost-effective and prompt intellectual property legal services, which has become known as The Big 3 philosophy.   

Quality— We implement several procedures and require mentoring for all incoming staff and attorneys to ensure the highest quality work. For example, the quality of work produced by a member and a junior associate is of the same high quality because all work is carefully reviewed by a member or senior associate.

Cost— Our recommendations and in-house procedures provide our clients with most cost-effective solutions. We also integrate custom, proprietary software into our workflow to automate new application and Information Disclosure Statement filings to reduce cost and increase the quality of our work product.

Timeliness— We provide timely responses to our clients because we understand the importance of obtaining information promptly. Our systems also ensure that all documents (not requiring attorney comments) that need to be sent to our clients are done within 7 business days or less if the matter is urgent.