Client Services

Client/Attorney Exchange Program

Our Client/Attorney Exchange Program is a unique program where one of our Members works exclusively with one of our clients at their office for several weeks or months depending on that client’s needs. Below are two such programs in India and Japan.

We find this program to be a unique way to service our clients and an opportunity to learn more about our clients’ needs and concerns from a different perspective.







In 2017, we sent our Member, John Radi, to work with one of our clients in Japan exclusively for nearly four months. During that time, he worked side by side with our client’s staff members daily working on matters including devising strategies for responding to U.S. Office Actions and consulting on infringement and invalidity issues. Since then, more and more of our clients have become interested in this opportunity and asked us to have one of our members join their team for an extended period of time (ranging from 3 weeks to 3 months) to work on training the staff on U.S. patent law.



During 2016, our Member, Matt Barthalow, participated in an exchange program with an Indian law firm with which we have a longstanding relationship. During his 4-week visit through Bangalore and Gurgaon, Matt collaborated with colleagues from his host Indian law firm on U.S. and Indian patent matters, provided training on U.S. legal issues, and met with other existing and potential clients of the firm. He also presented at, participated in, and otherwise attended meetings held by Indian organizations interested in U.S. patent protection for biotechnology.